I have had to break protocol, that is bury my football bias on this website and share thoughts on the works of the Ghana Armwrestling Federation. For six years on this platform, it has only been about Ghana football. 

Two decades of writing on Asante Kotoko, from my senior secondary school days, ingrained in me a passion for local football. That explains my bias. Ghana Armwrestling is putting our country on the global map in ways that I do not see the so-called least financed sports in the country do.  

With that, I sidestep football in this take. Just last week, news of Ghana hosting the Armwrestling World Championship in 2024 made headlines. I could not but begin to ponder on the singular effort of former sports broadcaster, Charles Osei Asibey, who is the federation’s founder and President in Ghana.   

He has spearheaded the sport in Ghana to the subregion, Africa and now the world. In terms of sports administration, is there anyone in contemporary times, who has led an unknown sport in our recreational culture, from scratch to dignified international levels like Charles Osei Asibey has done? I am afraid to ask, without notable state support? 

Charles’ selfless dedication to the sport must be celebrated. I do not know what motivates him but the reputable point he has taken Ghana Armwrestling warrants full state support and recognition. As we host the 45th World Armwrestling Championship next year, millions of armwrestling fans worldwide will have their eyes on Ghana while the thousands likely to visit have attendant economic benefits. 

We have the chance to win medals in the world and (Africa Games) aside the honours already won. Ghana currently ranks first in Africa. Twice, we have hosted Africa Armwrestling Championships winning 306 medals in five Africa Championships. In Charles, we have produced World Vice and African President for the sport. 

Besides having some of the best armwrestling referees in Africa, the Head Referee for Africa Armwrestling is a Ghanaian. Ghana developed a Data Management System for Africa Armwrestling. With a peep into the future, there is the Kids Armwrestling Academy. All these emanate from the seed Charles Osei Asibey planted in 2016. 

This is not a eulogy of him. I give praise where it is due and on this occasion, I not only laud him and his team but I also call for state assistance for Ghana Armwrestling. The Ministry of Youth and Sports must go all out with the government’s commitment and total support in both material and financial terms.