Dear Sir,

I believe you are doing well in these Covid-19 times. You are. I have been hearing your enduring, calm voice on radio and my presumption that, you are well cannot be a mistake. 

This letter should have come weeks ago when I read your counsel to some Kotoko fans to stop breathing fire on the neck of our Chairman, Kwame Kyei. You may have been misquoted or that, I misunderstood the gravamen of your advice but to you, the conduct of some of our fans was akin to what triggered the exit of Dr. K. K. Sarpong. I disagreed with you. I still disagree. 

In fact, I was surprised when I read that, you likened the behaviour of fans wishing the present administration out of office to that which characterised the Dr. Sarpong era. You surely know better than I do on the issues that forced Dr. Sarpong to resign but to my understanding, the ungodly appetite to oust Dr. Sarpong was premised on devilish misinformation and spurious allegations of financial malfeasance that were never proven. Dr. Sarpong resigned as a result.

Every serious-minded man who has built the sort of reputation Dr. Sarpong has would choose the path he chose. So, Dr. Sarpong was hounded out of office. And it was for nothing. Sadly, I have to accept that, sections of the media fanned the flames of the allegations based on which the man quit. Kotoko’s decline has been progressive since then.

I presently have no strong interest in your issues with Sometimer except to plead that you desist from radio interviews on the matter since it does Kotoko little good. That aside, I like to state that, supporters’ pressure on Kwame Kyei is well-placed. The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II’s mandate to him was precise: “Reshape the administrative structure of the club and infuse professionalism and competence at all levels of its operations”.

This he has not done or is yet to do in more than two years. Kotoko is not in a shape we can proudly say is good. Should fans not ask why? Is what we have witnessed from November 2016 the best that the current administration can give? Fans have the right to point to our leadership what their mandate was and remind them that, they have not lived up to it. Respectfully, Mr. Nti, that is not equal to being chased out of office on flimsy, unproven allegations as it was in the case of Dr. Sarpong. Kotoko deserve better.

This is my point of disagreement with you, Mr. Nti. Thank you for your indulgence.

Yours friendly,

Jerome Otchere.