I scoff invites to discuss the legal arguments, based on which George Afriyie was first disqualified by the Vetting Committee of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and his subsequent appeal also rejected, because in conformity with certain actions of the FA, they are all farcical to me. 

Of course, the latest ruling is what may eventually stand in the GFA’s books. It is the vessel that will send blood to the heart of the ill-conceived, yet heartily envisaged unopposed agenda but that will not make the ruling sacrosanct in the minds of discerning local football fans and the public at large. 

It is not characteristic of me. I interrogate matters but not this. It is a waste of time. In various legal jurisprudence, bad judgements have stood. Some were challenged, others were left for posterity to judge. Goerge Afriyie will so determine which course of action he takes but here it is a public opinion court or sphere. 

The GFA’s history is replete with similar, absurd rulings if you have closely followed them. The interpretation of their laws at times leaves you to wonder what they take themselves and the public for – refer the infamous Obed Owusu, Hearts case. 

The fact that elements whose handwriting was in that case still hover around the corridors of power at the GFA must tell us that an end to the self-mockery of legal illogicalities and gymnastics will not come soon. It hurts the soul of Ghana football. 

This administration does not mind a wee bit about what local football fans make of their actions or decisions. It is about staying in power. If that is secure, public opinion on their management of the game and how damning it is meaningless. 

The unopposed agenda was conceived before the election timetable was released. Operatives of the FA talked about it. It was masked by and with ludicrous democratic processes but not all local football enthusiasts will be fooled. I do not know what George Afriyie will do from here. On the election, it may not be a closed chapter. 

It is clear, the ungodly unopposed agenda is still being cooked. In a real, free, and fair contest, the Kurt administration is so afraid that they will embarrassingly lose for their divisive, amateurish handling of the country’s football! It is why all this is happening.